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If running your business requires the use of a vehicle, you should make sure that vehicle is covered in the event of an accident. If you have a fleet of vehicles out each and every day, the risk of a costly accident only continues to rise. Turn to Welsh Insurance Agency, Inc. for commercial vehicle insurance. We have years of experience helping local businesses get covered in the Eaton or Loveland, CO area.

Never drive a company vehicle under personal vehicle insurance. Commercial insurance is required by law in the state of Colorado. We'll help you find the best coverage for the lowest rates.

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What does commercial auto insurance cover?

What does commercial auto insurance cover?

Commercial insurance typically covers most of the same things that a personal auto plan would, but with very different terms, conditions and exclusions.

Commercial vehicle insurance will cover:

  • Auto liability: pays for bodily injury or property damage you might be liable for as a result of an accident
  • Medical payments: pays medical expenses for you, your employees and any passengers
  • Comprehensive coverage: pays for damage beyond a collision, like theft, vandalism or weather events

You can also add collision coverage to pay for vehicle repairs or uninsured motorist coverage to pay for the costs of a collision if the other driver was not insured. If you have any questions about commercial insurance, we’re happy to help. Reach out today.

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