COVID-19 Help From Insurance Companies

Companies Providing Relief

Safeco –  From March 23 – May 22, there is billing leniency, if clients cannot pay the premium, no late fees will apply and no cancellation will be issued. For personal auto clients a 15% refund on 2 months of premium will be given.

  • Personal auto insurance customers will receive a 15% refund of two months of their annual auto premium as of April 7, 2020, pending regulatory approval. 

  • The refunds will begin in April and will be issued either by check or in the manner the customer made their most recent payment. 

  • The payments will happen automatically. Customers do not need to call Safeco to receive the refund. 

Liberty Mutual Commercial – March 23 through May 22, 2020, 60 day billing leniency, no late fees, no  non-pay cancellations.

Auto Owners – Option 1) Change payment plan. Option 2) Change Due Date. Option 3) Defer minimum payment (would defer current payment and divide it into the remaining payments) Option 4) payment extension (would give a 10 day extension on a non-payment of premium cancellation date.  Auto-Owners recognizes people are driving less during this COVID-19 crisis. We plan to announce a special COVID-19 premium refund program in the near future to assist personal auto customers.  We will update this web page as soon as we have all the details. 

Travelers – Until May 15, no cancellations will be set for non-payment and no late fees will apply for any non-payment notices.

Dairyland – Providing an automatic grace period of premium payments through at least May 15th. Can call Dairyland to waive late fees

BHHC – BHHC will be making an extended cancellation date for non-payment of premium for eligible customers. However, customers must contact the company directly during normal billings hours. (888) 495-8949

Progressive – Until May 15, no cancellations will be set for non-payment and no late fees will apply for any non-payment notices.

Pinnacol – Through April 22, 2020, Pinnacol will keep policies active and won’t cancel coverage for policyholders unable to make their regularly scheduled payment. Cancellation notices will be withheld during this time 

American Modern – Clients can request a special payment plan that allows their insurance premium payment to be delayed for 60-days without penalty.  Just ask them to contact our Customer Service Center at 800-543-2644

Foremost Specialty – extending grace period for late payments until May 1, 2020. If a customer’s payment is late during this time, Foremost will send a reminder bill with an extended due date (rather than a cancellation notice for non-payment)

Bristol West – If a client who is experiencing hardship related to the COVID-19 virus, please have them call us prior to coverage lapsing or expiring at 1-888-888-0080 or they can use the Chat Now feature when logged into

Mendota – Contact our office by phone or email.  They are offering assistance on a case by case basis.  

Food / Restaurant Delivery

The Colorado Department of Insurance has mandated rule changes for commercial and personal auto insurance to help food delivery during the Corona Virus crisis. The move will remove restrictions on two different types of auto insurance for the duration of the state’s public health order:

  • For restaurants that already have commercial automobile policies for drivers, the regulation allows those policies to cover new, unnamed drivers that will be put into delivery service during the COVID-19 emergency.
  • If a restaurant does not have a commercial policy, the regulation allows employees to use their own personal auto insurance for their vehicle. The regulation removes the restriction for the restaurant employee’s personal insurance that would usually prevent commercial activity like food delivery.
  • However, the regulation does not apply to workers who regularly deliver food or who work for other services not impacted by the restaurant closure that was part of the state’s public order.

This mandate went into effect on March 26th.  They have not said when the mandated coverage ends.  So far, each carrier has issued a bulletin of when they will end this extended coverage.  Auto Owners – June 1st.  Safeco May 22nd.  Mendota April 18th.  Other carriers have not specified.  These ending dates will most likely be updated if the stay at home order is extended.  Please contact us if you have questions on this.  

To learn more information, read the full mandate here.

Our Agency

At our agency we have started “The Blessing Box” where we have a location on main street in Wellington where we put food staples (can and dry foods) where people in need can take what they need. Other people do drop off food also. We also make cash donations to the Larimer County food bank often.

As more insurance companies offer more options to help insurance customers we will let our clients know. There will be more. Please email or call us during business hours if you have questions. Leave a voicemail if we can’t answer immediately. We will get back to you. Thank you for your patience. We truly are all in this together. Bless all of us.

No Cost Insurance Review & Comparison

Welsh Insurance Agency, Inc. is prepared to provide you with a no cost, no obligation review and comparison of your Colorado insurance policy. Please call us or complete an online quote form or contact form.  One of our Colorado insurance professionals will get right back to you with an insurance quote.