Keep Your Employees Covered

Contact Welsh Insurance Agency, Inc. for workers' compensation insurance in Loveland or Eaton, and Northern CO

If you need state-mandated workers' compensation insurance in Loveland, Eaton, and Northern CO, turn to Welsh Insurance Agency, Inc. We'll help you determine the amount of coverage you need based on a variety of different factors.

The three main rating factors our insurance agents will look at are:

  1. Payroll-the actual payroll for each class used
  2. Employee job classification-carpenter, plumber, engineer or office worker
  3. The inclusion of leadership-if owners or officers are included on payroll and in coverage
Payroll charged for an owner in 2020 in Colorado is $58,400. This can add significantly to your rates. Despite this, we can help you find a low-cost way to make sure you're covered.

Keeping your employees covered with workers' compensation insurance isn't just a good idea-it's the law. Contact us today to ensure your employees' protection!

Helping you save money

Helping you save money

When you need insurance, our insurance agents will help you save money however possible. We help our customers save by:

  • Shopping several top carriers annually
  • Helping you obtain a Cost Containment Certification
  • Encouraging you to keep your business as safe as possible to lower rates
We know how to help you lower your insurance rates. Email us now if you have any questions for our insurance agents.