Commercial Auto Insurance

Colorado Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

Our commercial auto insurance for the Fort Collins and Loveland area provides flexible coverage and broad protection needed by today’s successful business owners for their exposure including:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Commercial trailers
  • Truck Insurance
  • Tractor-Trailer units
  • Bobtail / Deadhead
  • Farm Vehicles
  • Private Passenger Vehicles
  • Mobile equipment
  • Church vehicles
  • School vehicles / buses
  • And more……


  • Any Auto Liability (Symbol 1) Provides liability coverage for any auto owned, leased, hired, rented or borrowed.
  • Hired Autos Liability (Symbol 8) Provides liability coverage to you when you hire, rent, lease or borrow an auto or trailer.
  • Hired Auto Physical Damage (Symbol 8) Provides Comprehensive coverage with a $100 deductible and Collision coverage with a $250 deductible (regardless of the deductible chosen for scheduled autos or trailers) up to a limit of $200,000, for autos or trailers leased, hired, rented or borrowed.
  • Non-Owned Autos Liability (Symbol 9) Provides liability coverage to you for use of non owned autos used in connection with your business. 
  • Diminished Value Provides coverage for a real or perceived reduction in market value when an auto is repaired after a covered loss. 
  • Drive Other Cars Coverage Provides liability coverage to an auto you do not own, for personal use. This is similar to what is provided under a personal auto policy. This is important if you are insuring your business and your personal auto liability on the same policy under an entity name.
  • Coverage for Newly-Acquired Autos Coverage automatically extends to recently purchased autos.
  • Loan or Lease Gap Available on vehicles for which you are the original owner or lessor. Provides coverage at the time of a covered theft or total loss when you are contractually liable for an amount greater than the actual cash value of an auto.

 We also offer additional coverage packages that include:

  • Personal Property Coverage Up to $600 for personal property damaged or stolen from your covered auto. 
  • Business Personal Property Coverage Up to $500 for business property damaged or stolen from your covered auto. 
  • Motor Cargo Coverage Up to $1,000 for raw or finished materials and merchandise that are your property or property sold or serviced by you that is damaged or stolen from your covered auto. 
  • Audio, Visual or Data Electronic Equipment Up to $2,500 for electronic equipment ($200 for CDs, DVDs, or other media) that is damaged while in your covered auto.
  • Transportation Costs Up to $100 for expenses incurred by you for transportation from the point that your covered auto is disabled to the intended destination.
  •  Air Bag Replacement Provides coverage for the cost to replace an airbag that inflates accidentally in a covered commercial auto. Coverage is automatically provided for private passenger autos.
  • Transportation Expenses Following Theft Provides coverage for the temporary replacement of a stolen auto up to $50 per day to a maximum of $1,500 per occurrence. 
  • Supplementary Payments Increases the currently policy provisions for the cost of bail bonds to $5,000 per accident and the reimbursement for additional expenses including loss of earnings up to $500 per day. 
  • Non-Owned Trailer Physical Damage Coverage Up to $1,000 of coverage for loss to any non-owned trailer used with your insured auto, other than a home, office, store, display or passenger-type trailer. 
  • Replacement Cost on New Vehicles Provides full replacement cost on your commercial auto that is purchased new if a total loss occurs within 90 days of purchase. Coverage is automatically provided for private passenger autos. 
  • Waiver of Collision Deductible for Collision with Another A-O Insured Waives the collision deductible for a commercial auto that is involved in a collision with another Auto-Owners policyholder.
  • Rental Auto Gap Coverage Provides for the potential gap in coverage that you could be liable for when a rental company chooses to sell a damaged private passenger auto that is not a total loss, rather than repair it.
  • Hired Auto Physical Damage Coverage Provides physical damage coverage for autos that are leased, hired, rented or borrowed up to a limit of $50,000. You must first have Hired Auto Liability for this coverage to apply.
  • Deductible When you have more than one covered auto involved in the same Comprehensive or Collision loss with someone other than an Auto-Owners insured, only the single highest deductible will be applied to the loss.

Why contact Welsh Insurance Agency for your Fort Collins and Loveland area business auto insurance needs?

  • We offer discounts including:
  • Contractor’s discount
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Group discounts
  • Paid-in-full discount
  • Farm use seasonal discount
  • Fleet monitoring discount
  • And more…..

We shop multiple carriers at once to find the best carrier / coverage for the lowest price.  This saves you time of shopping individual carriers. 

We Cover All Of Your Equipment

From Tractors to Limousines and everything in between, trust Welsh Insurance Agency, serving Fort Collins and Loveland, for your commercial auto insurance. Contact Colorado’s best insurance agents today and see how we can help you reach your insurance goals!