Workers Compensation Insurance

Keep Your Employees Covered


State mandated workers compensation insurance coverage for Fort Collins and Loveland area businesses is available if you have any employees.

 Main rating factors are:

  1. Payroll, (actual payroll for each class used).
  2. Employee job classification, (carpenter, plumber, engineer, office).
  3. Are the owners / officers included or excluded from coverage / payroll.  Payroll charged for an owner in 2020 in Colorado is $58,400. This can add significantly to your rates.  Ask us if this is the best way / lowest cost to cover owners.  


How you can save money on your Fort Collins and Loveland workers compensation insurance:

  1. Have us shop several top carriers annually.
  2. Keep your business / employees as safe / accident free as possible.  The lower your losses, the lower your experience modification, (EMOD), factor will be.  The carrier takes your rates times the EMOD. So if your EMOD is say .8, you get a 20% discount off your rates. 
  3. Obtain a Cost Containment Certification.  This could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.  We can help you get that certification. 

Are You Covered In Case Of An Accident?

Keeping your employees covered with workers compensation insurance for your Fort Collins and Loveland area business is not only a good idea, it is the law. Contact Colorado’s Welsh Insurance Agency today and ensure your employees protection! We look forward to your call or email.