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Loveland & Fort Collins Homeowners Insurance Company


Your home is your most valuable asset and should be protected. Homeowners insurance for your Loveland or Fort Collins home provides financial and liability protection for your private home and valued possessions.


As a homeowner in Fort Collins or Loveland, you need homeowners insurance to cover the structure of your home, personal belongings, and the cost of relocation and living expenses should damage occur and you are required to move while repair work is underway. Homeowners insurance will also cover you for any liability claims and health care costs that are as a result of property loss or injury to other people.


Owners are encouraged to purchase enough home insurance in Fort Collins and Loveland from a local company to provide sufficient coverage in the event of a total loss of the home and its contents due to a disaster. It is also important to get sufficient coverage in case someone is injured on your premises, and decides to sue you, or if you or one of your family members cause damage to another property.

Your home should be insured for 100% of its value so that your insurance company will pay you the exact amount to rebuild. If you elect to purchase lesser Fort Collins & Loveland homeowners insurance from a local agency, the insurance company may only pay a portion of the actual cost to rebuild or reimbursement for damaged or stolen property. It is important to determine the cost of replacing the structure and its contents, including your most valuable items, in order to arrive at a figure that represents 100% coverage.

No Cost Insurance Review & Comparison

Welsh Insurance Agency, Inc. is prepared to provide you with a no cost, no obligation review and comparison of your Colorado insurance policy. Please call us or complete an online quote form or contact form.  One of our Colorado insurance professionals will get right back to you with an insurance quote.