Cyber Liability Insurance

Risk Free Business Assets

Cyber Liability Insurance coverage for your Fort Collins and Loveland area business can protect from the risk to your tangible and intangible assets.  Cyber protection for customer names, social security numbers, credit card numbers, health information and even the threat of a virus.

This will address both 1st and 3rd party needs. 

3rd party protection includes the following:

  • Your customer’s information that you have on file.  Individuals and other businesses can make claims against you if their information is compromised.  
  • Protects you from unauthorized use of a trade name, disclosure of private information or the transmission of a virus or malware.
  • Defends you in a proceeding brought about by a governmental authority due to your violation of a privacy regulation.

1st Party protection covers you for the following things:

  • Loss of income during a business interruption & costs to notify clients of a data breach.  

Covers data loss expense including:

  • Cost to set up & administer affected individuals with credit monitoring.
  • Cost to notify those whose information was lost. 
  • Cost to replace the data that was stolen.

Cost of extortion payments in the event that someone is holding your data ransom in order to collect a reward for its return. 

Personal identity recovery expense – costs to restore control of your own identity caused by a data breach.

Business Income & extra expense due to network interruption, inability to access the network, & expenses to minimize network interruption.

Computer & funds transfer fraud

Telecommunication theft expenses including fraudulent access to your outgoing long distance telephone service. 

Why you should contact Welsh Insurance Agency in Fort Collins and Loveland for Cyber Liability insurance coverage quotes for your business.

We are well versed in this type of coverage.  We have massive amounts of data we store for customers and therefore require this protection.

We have carriers that can endorse your business insurance with coverage, and we have markets that can write separate policies for this coverage depending on your needs.

As an independent agency, we shop and quote the best coverage to fit your Fort Collins and Loveland Cyber Liability insurance coverage needs at the most competitive price. 

Are Your Assets Safe?

Welsh Insurance Agency, Inc. is prepared to provide you with a free review and comparison of your Fort Collins and Loveland Cyber Liability insurance policy. Give us a call and see how we can give you the peace of mind that your business and assets are safe.